Legal counsel is a profession of public trust
The profession of legal counsel

The profession of legal counsel is a profession of public trust within the meaning of Article 17(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, aimed at legal protection of the interests of entities for the benefit of which such protection is exercised.

The high quality of services provided by legal counsel is supervised by the professional self-government of legal counsels operating under the direct supervision of the Minister of Justice. Entrusting a case to a person practising the profession of a legal counsel gives a guarantee of conducting it in accordance with high standards specified by the Act on Legal Counsels and the Code of Ethics of Legal Counsel, which also oblige the legal counsel to maintain professional secrecy and systematic further training.

The right to practice the profession of legal counsel is granted only to persons who have a university degree in law and a completed legal counsel training, as well as practical skills confirmed by a state examination.

During the court hearings, legal counsels (as well as judges, prosecutors and lawyers) use togas with a blue jabot as their official costume. Judges use purple, prosecutors use red and attorneys use green.

A legal counsel has mandatory third party liability insurance, which additionally protects the interests of the clients he or she represents.

Is there a difference between a legal counsel and an advocate?

Both legal counsel and advocate can appear in court in all cases. Not only in civil, commercial and family matters, but also as a legal representative in criminal proceedings. Since 1 July 2015, the procedural rights of lawyers and legal counsels have been made more equal, also with regard to the possibility of legal counsel acting as a defence counsel in criminal proceedings.

It is worth checking in the relevant register, whether the selected lawyer is definitely a legal advisor.
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