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Scope of our services
The law office provides legal services to entrepreneurs (sole traders, civil partnerships, commercial companies, foreign entrepreneurs operating in Poland), housing communities, housing cooperatives, foundations, associations and individual clients.

We provide a full range of legal assistance, from the establishment of companies, branches and representative offices for our clients, through advice on contracts, agreements and negotiations, to representing our clients in court disputes, mediation and out-of-court disputes.

We try to solve every problem of our client by getting to know the specificity of his or her business. We are on the construction site to better understand the essence of the dispute in the field of construction law, we are in the kitchen in one of the branches of a chain catering company to understand the essence of the claims of a cook laid off by the employer, we get to know the backstage of the driver's work in a transport company to refer to the charges in the lawsuit of another driver against our client.
Litigation, administrative disputes, recovery of debts
WE CONDUCT LITIGATION in the field of:
  • civil law (including family, succession and commercial law),
  • insurance law and claiming compensation for property damage and compensation for damage to health from insurers, liquidation of damage from Auto Casco and third party liability of the perpetrator, reimbursement of the cost of rental of a replacement vehicle for the time of repair of the damaged vehicle,
  • inheritance law (in particular, a declaration of inheritance under the Civil Code and the will, division of the inheritance, for payment of a reserved portion),
  • family law (in particular, cases of divorce, maintenance, access to a child, disputes concerning limitation or deprivation of parental responsibility),
  • company law (repeal or declaration of invalidity of resolutions, disputes between the shareholders, liability of management board members for the company's obligations),
  • bankruptcy and reorganization law (submission of claims and objections to non-recognition of claims on the list),
  • labor law and social security (appeals against termination of employment contract, reinstatement, payment of wages and compensation),
  • construction law and real estate, including representation before the authorities, determination of the legal status of real estate, land and mortgage register proceedings, disputes related to claims of the parties to the investment and construction process, disputes in the scope of subcontractor - contractor - investor under the construction contract and contract for work,
  • disputes over lease and tenancy relationships,
  • disputes before Local Government Appeal Courts and common courts over applications for determination that updating the annual perpetual usufruct fee is unjustified or is justified in a different amount,
  • commercial disputes before arbitration courts, also representing clients in foreign languages (mainly English and Russian).
WE CONDUCT ADMINISTRATIVE DISPUTES before administrative bodies, as well as court and administrative disputes before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

WE DEAL WITH THE RECOVERY OF DEBTS, which includes in particular:
  • settlement negotiations, conciliation procedures and proceedings in connection with a call for a settlement attempt,
  • litigation,
  • security proceedings,
  • representation in the enforcement proceedings run by bailiffs.
Legal services for entrepreneurs
We provide full and continuous support for entrepreneurs. We advise our Clients at every stage of their functioning, starting from their establishment (establishment of companies), through permanent and immediate legal service of their business activity, transformation and liquidation..

We provide in particular services related to:
  • drawing up, analysis and amendment of civil law contracts (including development contracts, construction contracts and contracts for specific work, sales contracts, delivery contracts, transport contracts, leasing contracts, franchising contracts, rental and lease contracts, licence contracts, contracts for the transfer of copyrights and related rights),
  • preparation of settlements and agreements,
  • processing and securing commercial transactions,
  • preparation of employee documentation (employment contracts, annexes, notices of termination, work regulations, remuneration, bonuses, regulations of the Company Social Benefits Fund),
  • preparation of regulations for online stores and reporting personal databases to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office, representation of customers before this authority,
  • preparation and modification of company agreements (civil, general, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership, partnership, limited liability, joint-stock partnership),
  • preparation of shareholder resolutions and management board resolutions and share purchase agreements,
  • preparation of registration documents of companies, including representation of Clients in the registration proceedings in the National Court Register,
  • liquidation, merger, division and transformation of companies,
  • establishment of branches and representative offices of foreign entrepreneurs,
  • we also conduct legal training, in particular on civil law contracts, consumer rights, company law or practical application of the Act on foreigners.
Advice to natural persons
We provide advice to natural persons, which includes in particular:
  • preparation and evaluation of agreements (e.g. sales, donations, leases),
  • assistance in termination and cancellation of contracts,
  • preparation of pleadings - inter alia, statements of claim, objections against orders for payment, complaints, appeals, cassation complaints, motions for resumption of proceedings,
  • conducting the case as a court appointed attorney and providing assistance in preparing applications for exemption from court costs,
  • representation of clients in disputes with administrative bodies,
  • representation of consumers in disputes with traders,
  • representation of employees in disputes with employers,
  • representation of victims in criminal proceedings as an auxiliary prosecutor,
  • we act as the defendant's attorney in criminal proceedings,
  • representation of clients before bailiffs, preparation of counter-enforcement actions, complaints against enforcement decisions, complaints against the activities of bailiffs,
  • assistance in declaring consumer bankruptcy,
  • preparation of matrimonial property agreements, assistance in the contractual division of joint property and inheritance division (including mediation), assertion of rights to reserved shares, alimony, contacts with children,
  • representation of our clients in court proceedings aimed at obtaining the court's consent to perform actions exceeding the scope of ordinary management in actions concerning the property of minors, as well as in cases concerning motions for decision on important cases of a child.
Extrajudicial madiation
We conduct family mediation, economic mediation, civil mediation. Also in foreign languages, mainly English and Russian.

The mediation can be carried out without bringing a case before a court (extrajudicial) or on the basis of a decision of a court (judicial).

In the case of extrajudicial mediation, the parties shall choose the mediator by contacting him/her together or one of the parties shall approach the mediator and ask to be contacted by him or her on his or her behalf by the other party. The mediator contacts the other party (to the conflict) and submits a proposal to initiate mediation. The parties shall agree on a date for the meeting and the mediator shall propose a neutral venue for the mediation.

In the case of judicial mediation, the court shall appoint a mediator from the list of permanent judicial mediators. We cooperate with judicial mediators. The mediator then contacts the parties on his or her own, inviting them to a meeting. Judicial mediation is characterised by the fact that the date of completion and the cost of mediation proceedings are strictly defined in advance. After the mediation, the mediator is obliged to provide the court with the protocol of the mediation. If an agreement has been reached, the mediator will also forward it to the court. Once the mediation agreement has become final and binding, the court proceeding is completed.

In the case of extrajudicial mediation, at the request of the parties, the mediation agreement may also be validated in court.

1. Mediation in family matters

Family mediation concerns e.g. divorce, separation, child custody, maintenance and any other matters between family members. Different family matters can be the subject of family mediation. They can include marital reconciliation, separation, divorce, meeting family needs, maintenance, parental authority, establishing contacts with children, division of property in the event of a divorce or separation decision. It is worth noting, however, that mediation is not tantamount to a decision on divorce or separation. The only institution entitled to do so is a court, but in the mediation process all the conditions related to divorce or separation can be established: including the custody, division of property, mutual obligations.

2. Business mediation

Business mediation comprises all sorts of issues arising between the entrepreneurs. These may include disputes concerning payment, delayed performance of an obligation, use of real estate, return of outstanding financial obligations, etc. Business mediation gives the interested parties a chance to solve a dispute without the participation of a court. The most important advantage of mediation proceedings is their low cost and short time of solving the problem. Not without significance is also the confidentiality of the process.

3. Mediation in civil matters

Mediation in civil matters covers a very wide range of cases. All the family matters mentioned above, but also those concerning inheritance, neighbourhood, pay, employment, etc. It includes all disputes about material matters, but also non-material matters (e.g. insult, defamation), business and educational matters, as well as matters of broad social scope - e.g. intercultural or border issues.
Legal services for foreigners
We provide full legal services to foreign entities. Our advantage is the service in English and Russian, so a large part of our clients are foreigners.

In particular, we shall provide:

  • legal services for foreign investments in Poland (capital, real estate and other investments),
  • legal advice for foreign companies operating in Poland, branches of foreign entrepreneurs and foreign capital companie,
  • adaptation of foreign entities operating in Poland to Polish legal and administrative requirements,
  • legal assistance in the introduction of foreign products to the Polish market,
  • legal service related to employing foreigners and legalising their stay in Poland,
  • obtaining permits (and other administrative decisions required by law) necessary to run business activity/investment on the territory of Poland (e.g. permits issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration for the acquisition of real estate or shares in companies owning real estate),
  • legal support of criminal trials in the area of offences against economic trade,
  • legal advice on outsourcing of services and work on the territory of Poland.
Preparation of legal opinions
We provide advice to natural persons:

A legal opinion is a kind of legal advice given in writing. This form of legal assistance is recommended in more complex situations. In such cases, there is usually a need to provide the client with a lot of information, which makes it rational to provide this information in writing.

We prepare legal opinions, memoranda and legal information in foreign languages, including English and Russian.

In the legal language, there are such terms as: an opinion on the contract, an opinion on labour law, a tax opinion or an opinion on the lack of grounds for appeal. The latter has even to a certain extent a normative separation when it is prepared by a proxy ex officio in order to assess the legitimacy of an appeal.
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