We provide legal services to clients
with an individual approach
The law office settles with clients both on an hourly basis and on the basis of a lump sum remuneration.

We offer permanent legal services based on a lump sum remuneration to entrepreneurs for whom the scope of their business or activity requires constant and ongoing assistance in all its aspects. The reference point is the estimated number of lawyers' hours devoted to providing services to the client on a monthly basis. Cooperation with the law office in this form guarantees the reduction of monthly costs of legal services by recognising potential legal problems in the bud and preventing the generation of losses for our clients when these problems become real.

We provide ad hoc legal assistance on the basis of one-off orders to clients whose scope of business or activity does not require constant legal service.

We always inform our clients before accepting an order of any costs incurred in connection with a given case.

The lowest cost of legal advice is 300 PLN + 23% VAT. The lowest hourly rate is 250 PLN + 23% VAT. In order to estimate the cost of conducting a specific case, please contact our office.

Example cases in the form of a single order (net):
  • legal advice on-line and in the office of the law office starting from PLN 300 + VAT,
  • preparation of written legal opinions starting from PLN 750 + VAT,
  • preparation of draft agreements and pleadings starting from PLN 400 + VAT,
  • preparation an appeal starting from PLN 1,300 + VAT if our law office did not conduct the case in the first instance,
  • amicable proceedings starting from PLN 400 + VAT,
  • statement of acquisition of the inheritance starting from PLN 1,000 + VAT,
  • divorce by mutual consent starting from PLN 1,500 + VAT,
  • divorce with a declaration of guilt starting from PLN 3,000 + VAT,
  • representation at the trial in Warsaw starting from PLN 250 + VAT, outside Warsaw starting from PLN 450 + VAT.

Court cases at first and second instance:

The amount and components of remuneration for conducting a case in the first and second instance shall be agreed individually, depending on the type of case and the value of the subject matter of the dispute.

In the scope of flat-rate remuneration for handling a case, the reference point is the Regulation of 22 October 2015 on fees for the activities of legal advisers. The amounts specified in the regulation are gross amounts (LINK to the Regulation)

Pension and employee cases, within the scope of compensation from insurance companies for motor accidents and before the Voivodeship Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court
  • to be individually agreed.
With regard to cases concerning payment of receivables and damages, the law office may propose an additional remuneration for a successful outcome of the case (success fee), which is a percentage of the recovered amount.
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